Shoppers FAQ's

When is the best time to go?

Shoppers who want to get first dibs on the bargains—and appreciate a high energy atmosphere should head to The Bargain Market first thing in the morning so you can grab the best deals. Then again, if you prefer a more leisurely shopping experience, come later in the day Saturday. With over 50+ boutiques/designers in attendance, you are not going to miss out whichever way you decide to do it!!

Who do I Pay for Merchandise?

Every retailer processes their own sales, so you must pay for your merchandise at each boutique. The Bargain Market advertises all payments accepted but bring cash to be safe.

How much is Parking?

Parking is available at no cost.

Are there change rooms?

Some stores set up a change room area, but most do not. And because it’s final sale, dress accordingly. Many women wear biker shorts, bathing suits, modest lingerie. And voila! You’re prepared to score!!

Are strollers allowed?

Of course!! We love the little ones! Navigating is definitely easier after the first two hours of opening day so you might want to plan accordingly!

What is there to eat and drink?

Beverages and snacks are for sale!