Vendor FAQ's

What is The Bargain Market?

The Bargain Market is a semi-annual 1-day sale event that supports local independent retailers, designers & brands by providing the sale experience that “outlets” or “warehouse sales” do for corporate chain stores. Retailers & designers love it because their surplus inventory is recycled into cash, and they have exposure to thousands of new customers. Shoppers love it because they find unbelievable bargains from many of their favorite stores and discover new retailers/designers/brands.


Who participates in The Bargain Market as a vendor?

The Bargain Market is designed specifically for local independent boutiques that are not a part of a national chain. We also love to support local designers/brands/makers and online “boutiques” with a community presence. Our focus is on presenting a diverse compilation of goods.... for all ages, genders and tastes! In our vendor admission process, we take into consideration an appropriate mix of vendors from each category. We are not just trying to fill the event center; we are selecting a varied selection for our shoppers.


Why should my business participate in The Bargain Market?

When is the last time you had large number of shoppers in your store—over 1 day--just to shop your sale racks? Not only will you clear out your excess inventory, but you will also gain exposure to more new customers than any advertising can bring.


What are the requirements to be a The Bargain Market vendor?

Vendors should be a local, independent retailer, designer or brand. Vendor must have a Texas State Sales Tax Permit. (If you charge taxes)


How do I register?

  • Click here or the Vendor tab, application and complete the application.
  • PAYMENT: We will send online payment invoice.
  • Booth is NOT reserved without payment in FULL.
  • If your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation by email, prior to the event.

Once you have been confirmed for the event, there are no refunds. If you have not received a confirmation within two weeks of the event, please contact us.


How much is the booth fee?

We keep our booth fees as low as possible, so the event will be profitable for our participating vendors.

1 - 10x10 booth = $65* each (early bird special) $80 for late applicants 

  • If you are wanting 2 spaces, it would be a 10x20 @ $130.00 and so on. Booths will not be 20x20.


Who pays for the venue rental?

We do (The Bargain Market).


Who pays for the advertising?

We do (The Bargain Market). But we do expect you to advertise the best you can on your own platforms.


What percentage of the sales do the stores keep?

100% We do not take any profits from the stores. Stores pay a flat fee to participate in the event and keep ALL of the profits from their sales.


Where is the event held?

Johnson County Sheriff's Posse Indoor Arena - 1315 South Main, Cleburne, TX


How often will The Bargain Market occur?

The Bargain Market will be held 2 times each year, at the end of each selling season: Jan./Feb. and again in Aug./Sept. Specific date is selected based on venue availability.


How will The Bargain Market publicize the event?

  • Paid advertising: Paid advertisement through social media
  • Social Media: thru our website, Instagram, Facebook, email blasts to the list of shoppers.
  • Posters: Event posters will be distributed to participating stores and other local businesses.
  • In addition, we rely heavily on the vendors to contact their loyal customers. We will provide an emailer and flyer for you to use when marketing to your shoppers prior to the event.


What should vendors do to promote the event?

It is very important that you contact your loyal customers. We will provide an emailer/flier for you to use when communicating with your shoppers/friends prior to the event. Print the flier and post in your dressing rooms, at your cash register, on your door. Your customers/friends will appreciate being invited to your “warehouse sale”! You should also include event details on your

website, Instagram, Facebook page, Twitter, in your advertising, newsletters, etc. Remember, VIRAL MARKETING IS KEY! Over 80% of our shoppers find out about the event from a participating store, email list or from a friend.


Who works the store’s booth?

Store owner, employees or friends.


Will tables/chairs be available for the booths?

Not at this time. You will need to bring your own tables, chairs, etc. Decorating your booth is encouraged and expected.


Does The Bargain Market provide rolling racks?

No, vendors provide their own rolling racks, if needed.


How will the booths be separated?

Prior to move in, booth spaces will be taped off on the floor. Vendors use tables/rolling racks around the perimeter of their space to create a “booth”. We do not use a pipe/drape system.


Is there a central cash register or does each store handle its own sales?

Each booth handles its own sales, cash, etc.


Is Internet service available in the event center?

Not at this time. We recommend using your hotspot on your phone, but the service is not “guaranteed”.


Do customers pay with cash or with credit cards?

We suggest that some vendors may be “cash only”, but most opt to accept credit cards.

Many vendors use credit card “readers” (ie: Square or Paypal) --with an Ipad or smart phone.

If you choose to accept credit cards, you may want to post a sign in your booth stating, “Credit Cards Accepted”.


What discount amount is expected?

Your discount plan is entirely up to you, but shoppers are expecting bargains! Vendors use a variety of discount systems. Some use a blanket discount percentage (ie: all items 50% off orig. ticket price) or price by group (all s/s tops $10). Others use the “dot system” (red dot= 25 % off, green dot=40% off, etc.).


What about Sales Tax?

Texas State Sales Tax must be collected by all vendors and reported to the Comptroller’s office. If you collect sales tax, please make sure to have a copy of your Sales Tax Certificate.


How much money should exhibitors expect to make?

We do not know how well each vendor does as they do their own accounting---and simply pay The Bargain Market to provide the space and the shoppers. Your return will be dependent on your inventory, your pricing, how shop-able your space is, etc.


What is the set-up procedure?

Move in/Set up is the day prior to the sale. After you move/park your vehicle, you can return to your booth to complete the set up. Most stores take about 2-3 hours to complete set-up (if they come prepared, with merchandise marked and organized).


How about the move out?

Move out will be at the end of the sale—and this goes very quickly! Note: as per your contract, vendors MUST remain set up and open for business for the entire duration of the event---no packing/loading before 4 p.m. If you pack up early, this will result in you not being able to return to any events that The Bargain Market oversees.


Is there a dressing room?

No central dressing room is available to avoid the removal of unpaid merchandise from your booth. Some vendors may opt to bring a “pop up dressing room” (avail. online in a variety of styles, prices $35 and up). Others “invent” a small changing area within their booth (using folding screens, drapes, shower curtains, plastic pipe/drape, etc). If you plan to have a dressing room, make sure you order enough booth space to accommodate.


How many 10 x 10 booth spaces will I need?

A good rule of thumb is 3 rolling racks (or 2-3 tables) fill one 10 x10 booth space. Most vendors find that they need at least two booth spaces for the best presence & visibility.

Remember, 2 booths are 10 x 20, not 20 x 20 (that is 4 booths).


Can I share my space with another vendor?

If you would like to share a booth, both parties must be listed as vendors on the app/contract, and both must sign the app/contract. No “subletting” is allowed.


Can I decorate my booth?

ABSOLUTELY-- we encourage it! You will be provided just the space and any other items you may have rented (tables/chairs), so it is up to you to give your booth style. Remember that this is a warehouse sale--so your space does not have to look perfect. Just make it “shop-able” & inviting with good traffic circulation, room on the racks for people to flip thru, organized by size/style, quick & friendly check out help.


Can I bring signage?

YES, you will definitely want to bring signage to identify your booth. The Burleson Event Center will not allow us to hang anything on the walls, so you will need to plan your signage accordingly. Retractable stand-up banners are a good option----great visibility and easy to use. You can also hang a horizontal banner along the front of a table---or sign w/ easel works too.


How are booths assigned?

If you have booth requests (ie: on a wall, near the snack bar, near another specific vendor), please note this on your application in the space labeled “Booth Requests”. You will be assigned a booth as close to your choice as possible.


What are the event hours?

Saturday: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Please be in your booth, ready to go, 15 min. before the doors open each day. The Bargain Market staff will be at the center 1 hour before the doors open each day. You may arrive any time in that hour---just make sure you’re in your booth and ready to go when we open the doors to the shoppers. The Bargain Market is not responsible or liable for the loss of or damage to vendor’s property if vendor is not in their booth during event hours. As per the contract, vendors must remain set up and open for business for the entire duration of the event.


Can I re-stock or finish merchandising the morning of the sale?

Yes. The Bargain Market staff will be on-site one hour prior to allow access by vendors for re-stocking, etc. (This applies if we are having a 2-day event only)


Will my merchandise be secure overnight?

All entrances to the center will be locked at the end of each day and monitored by 24-hour on-site security & security cameras. Some vendors also choose to cover racks/tables with sheets, etc. and/or remove higher priced items from their booth. The Bargain Market is not responsible or liable for the loss of or damage to vendor’s property from theft, mysterious disappearances or damages by fire, water, accident or any other cause.


What do I do with my unwanted merchandise after the event?

We encourage you to either donate it or take it with you. Please do NOT leave unwanted product behind for someone else to clean up. If this happens, you may not be able to return to future events.


Will food/beverages be available in the event center?

Yes. We will be providing the vendors with breakfast and lunch. You may also bring your own drinks/snacks. We do not have a kitchen so make sure to not bring anything that requires refrigeration.


Do you offer refunds if I am unable to participate?

Once you have been confirmed for an event, there are no refunds. Also note, no subletting is allowed.


What do I need to bring? (Just suggestions!)

  • tons of sale merchandise!
  • tables, rolling racks, chairs, shelves, other display items (or you may reserve tables/chairs on your registration form)
  • decor items to give your booth personality/ rug, flowers, tablecloth, lamp (if your ordered elec. Outlet) etc.
  • rolling racks, chairs (or you may reserve tables/chairs on your registration form)
  • store sign/banner*/easel (*retractable pop-up banners work great)
  • masking/duct tape
  • markers, pens, clips, scissors, stapler
  • markdown/discount % signs
  • money drawer, cash register, lockbox
  • credit card reader (ie: Square* or Paypal) if you want to accept credit cards
  • money pouch/pocket apron (from hardware store) for quick change
  • plenty of cash for “change”. (Remember most banks will be closed on the weekend)
  • receipt books (marked “Final Sale”)
  • bags (No need to use your good ones! Grab generic bags at Ofc Depot or Costco)
  • hanger racks/bins
  • curtain/screen or "pop up" dressing room, if desired (can order online, search “pop up” or “portable dressing room”—$30-$50)
  • mirror
  • extension cord/multi plug outlet, phone charger, laptop cord (if you purchase elec.)
  • coupon for regular price purchase in store?
  • business card/flier with store location info. for new customers?
  • sign stating, “credit cards accepted”?
  • email lists signup sheet?
  • bottled water &/or snacks
  • first aid: aspirin, band-aids, Tums
  • giveaway (if you offered something for our email sign up/give away)
  • a check for any remaining unpaid/added items (ie: chairs, tables, etc)